Tips for Maintaining Sobriety

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It's a satisfying, major accomplishment, to have overcome drug or alcohol abuse or addiction and now being sober. The physical and mental health benefits are exponential. Most Charleston SC drug rehab centers will provide you with resources for finding help to achieve sobriety - and maintain it. Here are some tips.


Keeping up sobriety through service to others has been proven effective in keeping ex-addicts on the abstinence path. Recent research shows helping others brings significant physical and psychological benefits to the helper. The benefits of altruism (the practice of concern for the well-being of others with no thought of anything in return) for people who are in recovery for alcohol and drug addiction are positive. Research has shown people who volunteer report improved physical health and sobriety, less stress levels and increased levels of feeling happy.

Addicts who help others, even in seemingly small ways, significantly improve their chances of maintaining abstinence. Those who attend 12-step meetings, like Alcoholics Anonymous, can volunteer in helpful ways such as making coffee and cleaning up after the meeting.


There is a maxim in treatment giving the advice that, once graduated from residential treatment, a person should attend "90 meetings in 90 days." Since the time immediately following leaving a residential treatment facility is the most vulnerable point for an abuser, meetings help support them to avoid relapse. Recovering addicts give support, structure, hold each other accountable and offer advice to each other in meetings. Peer support of this type has been proven effective in helping people stay sober. Meetings are a recommended lifelong commitment to sustaining sobriety.


Exercise programs have multiple benefits to those in recovery, the most obvious being improved physical health, but exercise does more than this. Exercising doesn't have to be complicated, simply taking a walk on a regular schedule or attending a yoga class is sufficient. Having a set workout schedule adds needed structure to a recovering person's schedule. A commitment to exercising regularly takes up time that used to be spent on obtaining, using and recovering from drugs or alcohol. Now, that time can be used productively.

Ask a Charleston addiction prevention group where you can locate a facility for help maintaining sobriety. The staff will do all they can to help you find somewhere to maintain long-term sobriety.

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