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Addiction aftercare is a set of treatments, therapies, resources, and strategies or coping mechanisms that are used to continue addiction recovery, maintain sobriety, and prevent relapse following initial addiction treatment. In other words, aftercare is everything that is utilized following rehab to further deal with a person's drug or alcohol addiction.

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The Purpose of Addiction Aftercare

In essence, aftercare is designed to continue the progress and treatment made in the initial treatment process. While a few weeks of rehab gives a person a solid start in overcoming their addiction, it is not enough to fully prevent relapse. Years of behavioral patterns, thought patterns, and substance abuse cannot be completely undone in a week or two.

As such, aftercare is designed to take the reins and help a recovering addict stay on the right track and away from substance abuse. It is also a means to empower the recovering addict to take responsibility for their own recovery and to know when to ask for help and assistance.

Aftercare is of the utmost importance in the addiction recovery process. Many recovering addicts come out of treatment thinking they have their addiction beat and that they are relapse-proof. Between 40 and 60 percent of drug addicts who have gone through treatment will relapse according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). This means that right around half of the people who go through treatment will likely find themselves starting over in the treatment somewhere down the line.

Addiction aftercare is the best line of defense against the risk of relapse.

Addiction Aftercare Program Options

Aftercare involves a variety of different programs that are designed to further recovery and maintain sobriety. Some of these programs include:

Family Therapy

Family therapy is a way for recovering addicts to reconnect with their family members who they have estranged while abusing drugs or alcohol. In addition to rebuilding relationships, family therapy helps the entire family unit (the recovering addict included) to become well-versed in relapse prevention techniques. The family members will be able to recognize emotions and behaviors in their loved one that may precipitate substance abuse and intervene before the recovering addict slips even further and resumes substance abuse.

Mental Health Support

Many people with drug or alcohol addictions also have mental health disorders, a situation known as dual diagnosis. Mental health disorders and drug or alcohol addictions are complicated in that they interact with one another and can trigger one another. People with mental health disorders will need additional treatment and support following initial addiction treatment.

Counseling sessions with a psychologist or psychiatrist (psychotherapy) will help to address the issues that underlie the development of a mental health disorder as well as will help to keep the mental health disorder from triggering that person to relapse and resume substance abuse. Psychopharmacology (using prescription drugs to treat a mental health disorder) may also be necessary following initial treatment.

Addiction aftercare is one of the most important aspects of addiction treatment and recovery. Call drug rehab Charleston SC at (877) 804-1531 to get information on rehab centers and aftercare options available to you.

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