Marijuana Dependence Treatment in Charleston SC

Marijuana Dependence Treatment in Charleston SC

It's known by a variety of street names from "weed" to "Mary Jane" and is sometimes portrayed jokingly in movies, yet marijuana is no laughing matter in real life. Marijuana dependence is real, it does impact a person's health, and it can lead to cross-addiction with other substances, which why marijuana dependence treatment in Charleston SC is a positive phone call to make. They can help find treatment facilities for you. Even if states are legalizing marijuana, it does not mean that it is not an addictive substance. In the same way that alcohol or cigarettes are legal and addictive, so is marijuana. Some experts believe that 50 percent of those that use marijuana will develop a marijuana dependence, even if many people believe that's not even possible.

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What Is Marijuana Dependence?

Like any other drug, a dependency on marijuana is most noticeable via the behavior addicts engage in compulsively taking the drug. Their lives may revolve around the acquisition of marijuana and the usage of it. They may not be able to give it up and when they do, they can develop withdrawal symptoms, indicating a biological dependency, not just psychological. Heavy users can experience anxiety, sleep disturbances, and irritability when trying to quit. Hashish, a substance made from the resin of the Cannabis sativa plant that produces the bud called marijuana, is likely to produce more intense dependency issues. However, even a psychological dependency is possible for people who aren't heavy users.

Long-term Usage and Dangers of Cannabis Addiction

The longer one uses marijuana, the bigger the risk of developing a marijuana dependence and the bigger the impact on a person's health. Short-term withdrawal symptoms might just include the munchies and irritability, but long-term usage carries more serious side effects. Respiratory problems are common, particularly when marijuana is smoked in joints. The sticky tar can lead to lung problems, just like cigarettes create lung problems too. Even eating brownies made with marijuana carries the risk of overdosing, leading to anxiety attacks and psychotic-like symptoms, since it is more potent when consumed in edibles. It's also unwise to have these items near children who may not realize the edibles are laced with marijuana and subsequently overdose. Marijuana dependence does decrease fertility in men, who show lower sperm counts. People can develop learning and cognitive difficulties with too much marijuana exposure.

Getting Help

Charleston SC addiction aftercare can help prevent heavy marijuana users from becoming cross-addicted to other substances by referring you to a rehab or detox facility. In Narcotics Anonymous (, users can determine why they initially started using marijuana. Drug detox centers in Charleston SC have professionals who are awaiting your call. Get help today!

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